Brad Mumpower's Story

Hello, my name's Bradford Mumpower. I want to talk to you about My All Out Form Submission.

Brad's Story

I joined Orangetheory Fitness when the first location in Pittsburgh opened a little over a year ago. I immediately loved the classes and became a regular. I worked out three or four times a week. I was feeling good and doing all the workouts, but I never pushed myself too hard. This past spring, I had my annual physical and my blood work came back pre-diabetic. That was a wakeup call that changed everything. Since that news I changed my diet tremendously and started to really focus on my workouts at OTF.

I started going to OTF 5 or 6 times a week; my improvements have been amazing. My weight has dropped from around 230lbs to now under 190lbs, my waist size from 38" to 32". I ran my first 5km this summer and finished it in just over 27 minutes! This past week on an endurance day I ran my personal best mile run in 6:37.

In addition to the physical changes I've experienced I'm also off of all my anti-depressant medication (my doctor had said for a long time that physical exercise might help, it looks like he was right!) I've include three pictures: one was taken in June at a bar after a kickball game, the second one was taken in October in the same clothes as the first picture and the final picture was taken last week. I still don't recognize myself in the mirror. Thank you OTF!

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